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TenFold Engineering has an incredibly interesting story. Previously owned by a British inventor, the company was recently purchased and relocated to Springfield, VT by an American businessman. Their goal is to revolutionize mobile architecture by selling their expandable mobile units to everyone from aspiring homeowners, to businesses interested in creating unique pop up experiences.

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THE Challenge:

Create a new brand identity and website to relaunch an international brand with a global following and renewed focus.

Of all of our clients, TenFold came to us with potentially the most unique challenge of them all. Having recently acquired rights to existing IP, TenFold found itself in the position of having to update their web presence to reflect their new direction. Prior to the acquisition, TenFold presented itself as a technology company whose IP could be used in a myriad of ways. After the acquisition, TenFold has decided to focus on manufacturing just two products for a number of use cases. The challenge then, was to reduce the content of the site to focus on just two products, both of which are still in development.

OUR Solution:

Establish a new brand and a basic website geared towards generating new excitement, answering questions, and establishing multiple channels for lead generation.

Let’s be clear: coming up with the best solution for a business that is looking to refocus its efforts without having any physical examples of its new products available is quite challenging. While most of our clients come to us with an existing body of work or a desire to begin selling immediately, TenFold found itself in a much earlier, albeit extremely exciting stage. 

Creating a new brand identity

As such, we focused on the basics. Knowing that when the website changed users would likely notice a reduction in proposed uses for the technology, we knew there would be a lot of questions. With that in mind, we made answering these questions one of our primary focuses. To preemptively provide information that users might be looking for, we created an FAQ page that the team at TenFold can add, subtract, or edit the contents of. This allows them to react in realtime to Email inquiries that come in in an effort to keep their audience well informed. 

Relaunching and revealing the new TenFold Engineering Website

With a new identity determined, we had the fundamental building blocks in place to give us an aesthetic direction for the new website. What we didn't have, however, was a predetermined plan for the website. As such, we found ourselves asking, "what does this new website need to accomplish?" It sounds like a simple question, but in reality there were countless considerations to make before simplifying our approach. Along with the new website, we were also launching a new logo and word mark, as well as a refocusing of the company's offering. All of that, while also being pre-sales, meaning there isn't actually a product available for purchase yet.

Noting this early stage scenario, we decided to take a page out of the SaaS playbook and create a landing page designed to generate leads in the form of a waitlist signup. By highlighting TenFold's upcoming flagship product alongside a simple two-field waitlist form, our goal was to simply show off the new brand and encourage TenFold's audience to join the waitlist as a way to stay up to date on changes moving forward.

Answering Questions and generating leads

After the landing page was setup, we turned our attention to expanding or efforts towards accomplishing two simple goals: generate warmer leads and answer questions. To achieve the former, we added a story page that would act as a place to address the questions of visitors who may be wondering how the recent changes came about, as well as an FAQ page to answer more specific questions. To address the latter, we created a custom contact form that enables users to request specific information regarding the brand and their new products. Making sure to balance the desire of the users to keep things brief alongside the team at TenFold’s interest in obtaining as much information as possible, we created just enough guiding questions to prompt users to explain their inquiry in detail.

Klaviyo Integrated Newsletter Signups

A simple newsletter sign up form enables site visitors to signup for product updates as TenFold prepares itself for launch. On the backend, we’ve connected this form to automatically add new signups to TenFold’s Klaviyo account, with plans to automate a chain of introductory Emails.

Custom Inquiry Form

In an effort to learn more about TenFold’s market, we’ve created a customized inquiry form that enables users to get specific about their inquiries. Using this form, the team at TenFold is able to collect data about their leads, ultimately using this early feedback in their larger decision making processes.

Rethinking Pitch Decks

Finally, in addition to the front facing website, we also utilized Webflow’s interactive tools to build a highly customized pitch deck. While most businesses use a standard Google Slides or Powerpoint presentation, when TenFold asked us for help designing their pitch deck, we quickly realized that this was another great opportunity to use Webflow in a way that would replace traditional techniques. By using a web based pitch deck, we were able to create a number of engaging interactions that make the TenFold deck stand out amongst the crowd. Additionally, because it's a web based deck, we're able to add features like user logins, versioning, and Google Analytics integrations to provide the team at TenFold insights into how investors are interacting with the deck on a granular level.


Since relaunching their revamped website, TenFold has collected over 4,500 Emails for their newsletter via our landing page. Additionally, they’ve received consistent inquiries from a range of customer types, helping them gain a better understanding of market interest, ultimately aiding in their identification of the most valuable opportunities. Finally, utilizing our pitch deck presentation, TenFold is continuing to attract potential investors.

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