Paperwork Studios is a new video production agency based out of LA and Miami specializing in music video production ranging genres across some of today’s top talent.

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Website Design

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The Challenge:

Starting from square one, develop all creative assets necessary to launch a new multimedia studio.

As a brand new video production agency, Paperwork Studio came to us looking for help creating a logo, branding materials, and a website to showcase their work. During our discovery phase, we also learned that creating treatments to share with potential new clients was a time consuming process for them, ultimately resulting in a .pdf document. Seeing an opportunity to improve this crucial part of their sales process, we suggested creating a system that would allow any member of the Paperwork team to easily make a custom treatment that could be shared by simply providing a URL.

Our Solution:

Build a brand complete with a visual voice, design a simple portfolio website to showcase work, and develop an efficient way to create treatments to pursue new work.

It’s exciting when a client comes to us this early in the process. Having the opportunity to style a brand from the ground up, that is by developing their logo and holistic brand identity, allows us to create an entire package that features a consistent visual language.

Developing a Brand Identity with a Logo and a Word Mark

For Paperwork, that process started with exploring the themes behind the name “Paperwork.” While traditional work environments associate this word with stacks of papers and hours of tedious labor, Paperwork Studio’s interpretation of the word is meant to bring an entirely different image to mind. Hard work, hustle, and earning financial returns are the underlying themes of this brand. As such, our minds immediately went to the popular retro video game “Paperboy.” Utilizing this concept of getting paid by working with paper, along with some of the aesthetic themes of video games from the 80’s and 90’s, we built out a unique 8-bit inspired word mark and emblem.

Creating a Simple CMS Collection to Easily Add and Showcase Projects

With a brand aesthetic and overall direction established, our next move was to build out a simple Webflow CMS collection that would enable the team at Paperwork to add and update their portfolio by simply uploading relevant information into a handful of preset fields. After inputting the proper data for each portfolio item, a new page is created for the portfolio item with the content falling perfectly into place based on the template structure we’d put together. Additionally, each portfolio item is automatically added to the homepage of the website.

CMS Based Portfolio

Utilizing Webflow’s CMS templates, we created an easy to use, form-based method for the team at Paperwork to add and edit portfolio items. After adding the relevant information and media for each item, the project’s page is dynamically generated and presented on the front end.

Leveraging Webflow's CMS to Simplify Treatment Creation Combined with a Powerful Presentation

Finally, the last step in this process was creating a CMS collection for Paperwork staff to create and share treatments. Again, using preset fields and a template based approach for the presentation of the content, anyone at Paperwork can create new treatments for clients by simply uploading content into predetermined fields. This proved to be a massive improvement over their previous strategy that involved designing .pdf's using Adobe tools, which was ultimately a time consuming process that produced average results. The treatment collection is our favorite part of this project as it highlights our ability to use Webflow to devise solutions to problems that clients may never have considered.

The Results:

It didn’t take long for positive results to come in as a result of the Paperwork website. After utilizing their new treatment CMS collection to streamline their pitch process, Paperwork has already landed 20+ projects, with more on the way. As a result of all of this new work, the team at Paperwork has also taken advantage of their Portfolio CMS system and uploaded 20 projects to their website. For a new business, Paperwork is off to an incredible start.

"Jake & his team's development of our website for Paperwork Studio, our video content production company, has been nothing short of amazing. With his/their help, we have been able to use Webflow's CMS system to easily create our content pitches/treatments for clients.

On our backend, the creation of these treatments is a simple form that any of our collaborating writers/directors can utilize and easily understand. On the front end, our clients see a beautiful password-protected presentation - and we can understand when they view these from our analytics notifications.

Jake & his team also created the ability to add finished projects to our public portfolio. Long story short, I highly recommend Jake & his team as their contributions have drastically improved and simplified the necessities of our core business."

- Joseph Szela Paperwork Studio

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