StrategyOnce we work with you to develop an understanding of the groundwork you’ve laid, and the task ahead of us, we’ll begin strategizing a rollout plan to help capitalize on your potential. Regardless of the details, the end goal of our efforts is consistent: to create a unified web presence for your brand that results in engaging, clear communication with your audience, while simultaneously encouraging their current and ongoing support.


Every artist is different. We know that, and we love it. That’s why our process begins with a discussion about where you’re at, where you hope to go, and what you need to get there. Once we have an idea of your goals and needs, we’ll begin strategizing a well coordinated plan that helps connect the digital dots that makeup your online identity.


DeploymentWe’ve discovered your needs, put together a plan to satisfy those needs, and now it’s time to roll out our solution. While specific solutions vary, this is the point in which we coordinate the launch of our creative work with a marketing push. Whether that entails the launch of new music, media, or merchandise, our deployment strategies target effective communication to your audience directly through your social outlets, as well as through coordinated PR efforts with industry leading publications and news outlets.

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