You Handle the Audio,
We’ll Handle the Visuals
At Stage, we’re eager to team up with you to present your artists in an engaging, professional way. From overall brand development, to merchandise and web design, we’re experts in the art of visual communication.

DesignThe foundation for success, our design services aim to create a singular visual voice for each artist we work with.

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SalesA strong e-commerce ecosystem ensures your sales numbers reach their potential. Stage makes that possible through a combination of visual and experiential design.

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MarketingUsing your marketing expertise, Stage will work to seamlessly integrate the visual voice we’ve developed with your efforts.

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Design ServicesWhile it’s undoubtedly true that an artist’s music is by far the most important element to their success, it’s also undeniable that a strong visual identity can greatly enhance their acceptance rate. Stage aims to create visual experiences that result in excited, engaged fan bases.

• Brand Development
• Web Design
• Merchandise Design
• Album Art Design

Brand Development
This is where it all starts. Just like any successful business, a strong brand identity that conveys what an artist is all about is a necessary component to maximizing their potential. Once a cohesive brand is developed for an artist, we’ll use it to build out the rest of their visual voice.

Web DesignIn the modern era of web design, it can be tempting to either over develop or under develop an artist’s website. In either case, concepts such as usability and sales funnels often get overlooked. At Stage, we build visually engaging websites that are effective in exciting customers and converting their visits into sales.

Merchandise Design
Tee shirts, hoodies, and hats are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to merchandise design. At Stage, we strive to discover exciting new merchandising opportunities that excite and surprise an artist’s fan base, while simultaneously structuring the product offering to enable upsells, bundles, and add-on options. By taking a systematic approach to merchandise design, we’re able to fully capitalize on a fan’s desire to support their favorite artists.

Album Art Design
If you think album art exists only as a thumbnail on Spotify and digital downloads, think again. Strong album art can result in an entire aesthetic that indicates everything from merchandise design to tour design and advertising campaigns. Working with Stage to create album art for your artists ensures their next project will result in a cohesive, well executed visual voice across all aspects of their campaign.

Sales ServicesWhile strong design may be what grabs fans’ attention and gets them excited, it’s the development of an effective e-commerce ecosystem that’s ultimately responsible for sealing the deal. Our goal at Stage is to create a seamless and exciting experience for fans that effectively guides their interest from your social feeds through the delivery of their order.

• E-commerce Integration
• Presale Campaigns
• Merchandise Production Fulfillment
• Ecommerce Communications
• Social Shopping Integrations
• Merchandise Logistics

E-commerce Integration
Creating an effective web store takes more than simply setting up a product page. Just like in real life, shopping online should be an experience, with users feeling excited throughout the buying process. Stage e-commerce solutions combine the visual appeal of the artist’s visual voice with easy to use interfaces, allowing shoppers to browse and buy with excitement and efficiency.

Presale Campaigns
In the modern music era, pre-sale campaigns are all the rage, and with good reason too. By offering a line of merchandise and physical copies of an album before their release date, you can gauge fan interest before purchasing inventory. Stage e-commerce websites offer pre-order capabilities and, when paired with our fulfillment services, are a stress free way to capitalize on the fan-generated excitement surrounding a release before it’s available.

Merchandise Production & Fulfillment
We’ve designed the product, made the webstore, and successfully landed sales far surpassing our wildest expectations. Now what? For you and your artist, nothing. For Stage, it’s time to coordinate with our manufacturing partners to ensure that each product is produced in a timely manner at a high level. Once it’s been produced, we’ll also manage the shipping and handling of orders, while also warehousing additional inventory.

Ecommerce Communications
In addition to designing the product, creating the webstore, producing the product, and fulfilling orders, successful e-commerce operations also maintain a fair amount of communication with customers. From order confirmations and shipping notifications, to newsletter followups and customer service, there’s most likely more customer communications than you’d expect. Rather than worry about the shipping details of your web orders, let Stage manage e-commerce communications so you can focus your efforts on what matters - the artist.

Social Shopping Integrations
The goal for any artist interested in taking advantage of merchandise revenue should be to guide their fans to their webstore as efficiently and often as possible. To make this happen, Stage offers Instagram and Facebook shopping integrations, enabling artists to lead their fans from their social feeds to a product page in 3 clicks or less.

Tour Merchandise Logistics
If you’re interested in Stage’s merchandising and fulfillment services but are worried about how to make it work with an upcoming tour, don’t. Stage offers tour merchandising logistic services, including inventory management, scheduled shipping, and rapid inventory replenishment.

Marketing ServicesAs a record label, chances are you have strong ideas about how your artists should be promoted. While we’re more than happy to help strategize your marketing efforts, we also realize that our strength is in creating the visuals you need to make your efforts a success.

• Paid Ad Campaign Design
• Project Launch Events
• Tour Branding & Design

Project Launch Events
For artists with a large enough following, project launch events can be an incredible way to capitalize on the momentum leading up to a project. From location sourcing to merchandise design and logistics, Stage is ready to help ensure your next project launch is a success.

Paid Ad CampaignsWhether you’re planning a paid ad campaign utilizing Facebook, Instagram, or Instagram Stories, you’ll want to make sure your paid efforts match the aesthetic of your organic efforts. At Stage, we can help brainstorm and execute effective visuals for your paid campaigns.

Tour Branding & Design
Much like an artist can benefit from a brand, so can their tour. By branding an artist’s tour, it’s possible to add a place & time to all accompanying merch, creating the added value of exclusivity. At Stage, we can take your tour from a list of dates through a full executed, branded identity complete with everything from show posters to merchandise.

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