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Album Launch Campaigns are our Bread and Butter
There’s no better time or way to maximize the potential of your next project than launching a pre-sale campaign offering physical copies of your music, limited merchandise, and product bundles.

What Goes into a Pre-Sale Campaign?

The first step to any successful campaign is planning. At Stage, we start by focusing on your next project, harnessing the excitement surrounding it to propel presales of accompanying merchandise.
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2Ecommerce Ecosystem
New music and merchandise won’t be enough to boost your sales alone. To fully maximize the potential of your pre-sale campaign, we’ll build you an exciting e-commerce ecosystem that keeps your audience engaged throughout their shopping experience.Ecommerce Info

& Fulfillment
Receiving orders is just part of a successful campaign. Just as important is the production and delivery of those orders.
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Tight on funds?
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With Stage, it doesn’t always take money to make money. Recognizing that some of the best music is being made by independent artists who are bootstrapping their careers, we offer an innovative payment structure that upcoming artists to elevate their monetization efforts for as little as no money down.
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Planning & Design
Ecosystem Development
Merchandise Production & Fulfillment
Project Launch
Album Design, Packaging & Production
Independent Musician Program
Artist Application

1Merchandise PlanningIn the modern era of music, well coordinated album releases are one of the best ways to both monetize your art and grow your fan base. Of course, that’s easier said than done. At Stage, we’re experts in creating comprehensive merchandising plans.

Brand Development
Product Coordination
Merchandise Design
Supply Chain Coordination
Financial Planning

Brand Development
Make no mistakes about it: a musical act is a brand, whether you like it or not. Much in the same way consumers relate to logos from brands like Nike or Apple, your fans feel an attachment to the brand you present through both your aesthetic and your music. At Stage, we’ll help create a memorable visual representation of your music that will give your fans something to connect to.

Product CoordinationThe way we see it, successful presale campaigns consist of three types of products: your music, apparel, and unique add-ons. Coordinating the aesthetic, production, pricing, bundling, and delivery across these three categories requires a strong understanding of a number of logistics and variables. We’ll gladly take that off your plate, so you can focus on your music.

Merchandise Design
Sure, you could copy and paste your album artwork onto a tee shirt, but is that what your fans really want? With experience in the worlds of apparel, cut and sew, and product design, the team at Stage is eager to take your line of merchandise to the next level with unique apparel solutions and add-ons that are sure to get your fans excited.

Supply Chain Coordination
Assuming your pre-sale campaign includes physical copies of your project, as well as accompanying apparel and unique add-ons, you’ll be forced to work with a number of different suppliers, each with their own questions and concerns. Rather than learning the ins and outs of each industry, let Stage take on the logistics so all you have to worry about is keeping your audience engaged through your music.

Financial Planning
Gross revenue, net profits, margins, cost of goods sold, etc. What do all of these terms have in common? They’re all commonly found on detailed spreadsheets meant to determine your potential for financial success. They’re also super boring. At Stage we’ll do the legwork to make sure the pricing for your campaign makes sense, and provide you with customized figures to help you understand your bottom line.

2Ecommerce Ecosystem
With so many ways to connect with fans online, you have the ability to speak more directly to your audience than ever before. The bad news is, managing all of these platforms to convey a unified message can quickly become a challenge. At Stage, we focus on creating engagement funnels that lead your audience from first listen to first purchase as efficiently as possible.

Brand Development
Web Design
Ecommerce Integration
Preorder Integration
Social Shopping

Brand DevelopmentOne of the quickest ways to confuse your audience, is by having a different aesthetic on different platforms. When it comes to Stage’s Ecommerce ecosystems, ensuring that you have a cohesive visual brand that translates across all of your online efforts is our primary focus.

Web Design
We don’t even need to tell you: the internet is littered with below average websites for musicians which are at best boring to look at, and at worst completely dysfunctional. At Stage, we create engaging visual experiences that will excite your audience, making them eager to visit your website and make purchases.

Ecommerce Integration
Whether online or in person, shopping is an emotional experience. Yet, for some reason, most web stores have adopted the same boring layout, creating an underwhelming, and unsurprising experience. At Stage, we’ll carry design elements from your website to your webstore, and aim to excite your customer along the way. Then, once they’ve made their purchases, we’ll manage all communications related to their order, including returns and exchanges.

Preorder IntegrationPreorder campaigns are a great way to generate income and gauge sales interest before ever spending a dollar on inventory. We’ll help setup a preorder based web store, manage all customer communications related to product shipping, and present you with a full sales report when it come time to place inventory orders.

Instagram & Facebook Shopping
At Stage we take ecommerce ecosystems seriously, integrating your merchandise catalog with Facebook and Instagram’s shopping tools. By taking this step, we’re able to guide your audience from aimlessly scrolling on social media, right to a product page on your website in 3 clicks or less.

Newsletter Management
While it may come as a surprise, Email based newsletters are a highly effective way to generate audience engagement, regardless of what your end goal is. From limited releases to advance notice regarding events and project announcements, we’ll help coordinate, manage, and communicate with your most devoted fans.

3Production & FulfillmentCreating a merchandise line and an effective ecommerce ecosystem are steps one and two towards financial success, but step three is arguably the most critical: production and fulfillment. At Stage, we’ll handle all of the logistics and details of merchandising, ensuring that the end result of your campaign is a series of high quality products delivered in a timely manner.

Merchandise Production
Order fulfillment & Warehousing
Customer Communications

Merchandise Production
It’s one thing to design a product, and an entirely different thing to produce it. From quality control and supply chain management, to troubleshooting any number of unexpected difficulties, the team at Stage is experienced in merchandise procurement and offers expertise in translating ideas from design to finished products.

Order Fulfillment & Warehousing
Your merchandise has been ordered and produced, so now what? For you, nothing. For us, it’s time to pick, pack, and ship all of your orders, while also creating a warehousing plan to ensure that inventory is accurately managed and future orders are shipped without delay.

Customer Communications
No top notch ecommerce experience exists without timely, clear communication with your customers. From order confirmation and tracking Emails, to customer service issues, returns, and exchanges, Stage will take on the management of all ecommerce related communications so you don’t have to.

4Other ServicesIn addition to the three core service sets described above, Stage also offers additional services to help you grow as an artist. While these solutions may not be for everyone, for the right artist they could make all the difference in the world.

Vinyl Production & Fulfillment
Project Launch Events
Paid Ad Campaign

Vinyl Production & Fulfillment
No record label? No problem. At Stage we have a great relationship with a local record manufacturer who’s capable of producing everything from a single track 12”, right up through a gatefold, double LP featuring heavyweight, marbled vinyl. In other words, we offer professional level vinyl production with all the extras.

Project Launch Events
If you’ve got the fan base for it, a launch event can be an incredible way to kick off the sales cycle for a new project. From sourcing a venue, lining up food and beverage suppliers, creating specialized merch lines, and making sure your latest effort is well represented, Stage offers the ability to plan unique launch events that will excite your audience both in person, and online.

Paid Ad Campaign
When executed properly, paid ads can be the perfect way to boost the effectiveness of a presale campaign. As just one of the many aspects of an effective ecommerce ecosystem, Stage will work with your to create an ad campaign that fits your budget, resonates with your audience, and drives traffic to your website.

Artist Program
We love independent musicians, and want to do all that we can to help you succeed. With our Independent Artist Program, you can receive a service advance to bring your web presence and merchandising efforts up to speed for as little as no money down. To get started, simply follow the process below:

1. Apply for our Independent Artist Program. If we agree that you’re ready to make the leap into monetization, we’ll approve your application and get in touch ASAP.

2. Once approved, we’ll get to know you. Then, once we have an understanding of your needs, we’ll create a customized plan for your financial growth.

3. With a plan and project quote in place, simply commit what you can and we’ll advance the rest. Your downpayment will be equivalent to your royalty rate until Stage’s project advance is recouped, at which point a more favorable royalty rate will kick in.

Project Cost: $10,000.00
Downpayment: $2,500.00
Royalty Rate: 25% Until Recouped

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